Alabaster Spring

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Creating a cool scheme in your home with these Alabaster Winter Wood Effect Tiles. They are perfect for inviting that soothing natural look into a bathroom, kitchen or living area, or even taking this tiles outside of the home, really lets off the WOW factor. Since they’re made from porcelain, they can be used to transform the floor spaces throughout your home.

Why choose Arundel Alabaster Spring?
– Wood look tiles are stronger and more durable than real wood. scratches, scrapes, gouges, nicks, digs are less likely to occur because the tiles aren’t as soft as wood.
– Tiles don’t absorb moisture so there are no concerns to staining, warping, expanding, or cracking. Which makes them suitable for bathrooms and kitchens as well as any other room.
– Tiles also last longer and require less maintenance.


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